Boost overall health, support wellness, and treat acute and chronic diseases with medical plants and extracts.

Naturopathic doctors are experts in choosing and effectively prescribing herbal medicines to:

  • treat the underlying causes of illness
  • minimize side effects and drug interactions
  • individualize doses and formulations for maximum therapeutic benefit

Chinese medicine treats the person rather than the disease. Chinese medicine practitioners piece together signs and symptoms until a picture of the whole person appears.

Accurate diagnosis leads to the right herbal formulation customized for the unique individual. Chinese herbs’ main functions are to:

  • bring Yin and Yang into harmony
  • tonify Qi and blood
  • nourish Essence and Spirit
  • balance body fluids
  • clear pathologic excesses (wind, cold, heat, damp, dryness)

Rest assured that our clinic uses only high-quality Western and Chinese herbs from reputable sources that have been tested for purity.

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with Dr. Lin Dan Zhu

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