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Does facial gua sha really work?


Yes! When gua sha is generally applied on the face, it can relieve facial tension, strengthen muscle tone, increase blood circulation and improve lymphatic drainage. Please note that at this moment, we do not provide facial gua sha.

Does facial gua sha really work?2021-11-11T04:14:19+00:00

Should gua sha be painful?


Usually, gua sha is not painful and many find it to be relaxing. A few people have reported some minor temporary discomfort over tight knots during the treatment.

Should gua sha be painful?2021-11-11T04:13:35+00:00

How often should gua sha be done?


It depends on the individual and condition. Acute symptoms may only need 1-2 treatments. We typically recommend once a week for chronic conditions. We can include gua sha into your acupuncture session. We also offer full visits that focus only on gua sha.

How often should gua sha be done?2021-11-11T04:12:06+00:00

What is gua sha good for?


Gua sha is good for pain, inflammation, and immune support. Most individuals seek out gua sha for muscle tension and pain, but it can be helpful for many other conditions, such as headache, common cold, cough, and asthma.

What is gua sha good for?2021-11-11T04:11:33+00:00
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