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Does Sitting Too Much Impact our Health?


According to the American Medical Association, the average time American adults spend sitting has increased to about 6.5 hours a day, up to 8 hours a day for teens. We sit and watch television, sometimes even binging an entire season in a couple of days. We work and play on our computers, often in the [...]

Does Sitting Too Much Impact our Health?2023-01-23T22:45:31+00:00

What Your Tongue Says About Your Health


Most people don’t even think about their tongues, as the priority is always on dental and gum care. It may sound funny, but tongues can be an important indicator of our health and should not be ignored. Did you know that those occasional bumps on your tongue can mean something about your current state of [...]

What Your Tongue Says About Your Health2022-05-12T13:25:41+00:00

Try Acupuncture to Reduce Stress & Anxiety


Stress and anxiety are often the results of a fast-paced, intense lifestyle that many Americans experience. We “work to live” rather than adopt the “live to work” lifestyle other countries enjoy. After a while, we experience chronic neck and headaches, hunched shoulders, extreme fatigue, and our overall peace of mind is long gone or sporadic, [...]

Try Acupuncture to Reduce Stress & Anxiety2023-01-23T22:37:19+00:00

How Traditional Chinese Medicine Supports Healthy Living


Have you ever wondered how Traditional Chinese Medicine can promote a healthy body and prevent illness? We were brought up to tend to our health only when illnesses or other ailments rear their heads. That includes every condition from the stress-induced nervous system to pain relief and cancer-related therapies. Treating disorders holistically with a focused [...]

How Traditional Chinese Medicine Supports Healthy Living2022-07-28T15:46:04+00:00

Why Try Acupuncture During Pregnancy


Very few women are lucky enough to go through nine months of pregnancy without various aches and overall discomfort. It is estimated that over 60 percent of pregnant women report having painful symptoms, such as backaches and aching near the pelvic bone because of the pressure of the baby’s head, increased weight, and loosening joints. [...]

Why Try Acupuncture During Pregnancy2022-02-25T21:54:43+00:00

Did you Know Acupressure Can Cure Headaches?


About 45 million Americans experience at least one headache every year, making it a pretty common ailment. Unfortunately, a more significant percentage within that group experience chronic headaches caused by tension and often accompanied by nausea, neck pain, and muscle pain. Aside from over-the-counter and prescribed pharmaceuticals, most headache patients do not know where to [...]

Did you Know Acupressure Can Cure Headaches?2022-07-28T15:47:28+00:00

How Acupuncture Can Improve Your Sleep Quality


If you are one of the 40 percent of the adult population who has difficulty staying asleep or even falling asleep, you will be happy to learn that a better, more fulfilling sleep is in your future. Stress and anxiety are considered the primary underlying causes of sleeplessness, which means your mind is fighting with [...]

How Acupuncture Can Improve Your Sleep Quality2022-07-28T15:57:12+00:00

Naturopathic Medicine Approaches for Allergies


Seasonal allergies can throw a curveball into one’s lifestyle. In fact, for some, they can be debilitating. They can impact energy levels, sinus issues, and overall well-being.  An allergic reaction happens when the immune system reacts to an allergen like a dangerous bacteria or virus. Seasonal allergies are generally plant-based, such as tree and grass [...]

Naturopathic Medicine Approaches for Allergies2022-07-28T15:47:52+00:00

How to Effectively Improve Your Health with Chinese Medicine


It is not that western medicine has no place in the healing sector; it is simply that a more holistic and integrative approach can be more effective in the short and long term. The primary difference between the two is that traditional Chinese medicine works at uncovering the cause(s) by recognizing the body as one [...]

How to Effectively Improve Your Health with Chinese Medicine2022-07-28T15:55:50+00:00

4 Ways Acupuncture Can Boost Your Overall Well-being


Although most people understand that acupuncture is a component of traditional Chinese medicine that includes thin needles inserted into strategic points on the body, many people do not understand its purpose or efficacy. If you have ever wondered about the benefits and advantages of acupuncture and how it can help, you may be pleasantly surprised. [...]

4 Ways Acupuncture Can Boost Your Overall Well-being2022-01-19T18:36:20+00:00
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